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Canadian South Devon Association

Incorporated in 1975


South Devon cattle have always been known for their docility which makes them easy to handle as a cow herd, but benefits into the feedlot as well, quiet cattle feed and gain better.  South Devon moms are easy to handle but are protective - they know the difference between people and predators.  They breed well, calve easily and have one of the highest butterfat contents in their milk (4.2%) of beef breeds coupled with high milk yields which results in heavy weaning weights wrapped up in a package that retains a youthful appearance.


South Devon cattle have a rate of gain and conversion that will compare with other beef breeds with the added advantage of fine grained marbled beef, which results in tasteful, tender beef.


The first question has always been "What does a South Devon look like - I've never seen one?"  In fact most cattlemen have seen them but have given the credit of their quality to a better known breed.  Bulls have been sold across western Canada so many herds carry the South Devon influence.


South Devon cattle may be either red or black, when bred to white faced breeds they produce calves with solid faces or blaze face, not brockle face.  There are no genetic defects known to date within the breed.  They are long bodied with solid depth throughout and have a good hair coat that sheds easily in summer.  South Devon have a longer eye to muzzle length with a slightly larger ear and a rounder eye.




There are several reasons to add South Devon to your program...

- Add hybrid vigor with compatable colour

- Docility second to none

- Excellent mothering with a quality milk package that calve well and retain a youthful appearance into their teens

- Heavy weaning weights

- Cattle that feed well with carcasses that dress at 62-65%

- Meat quality is fine grained and well marbled

- No known birth defects

- Solid eye colour resulting in no eye problems

This is the Official Site of the Canadian South Devon Association.